Well it’s been a wet old winter so far for us! The ground is sodden, the ducks are paddling and dabbling across their enclosure with glee.

We had a brief respite to the wet recently when snow and ice arrived on north east winds. The sun was warm but the air in the shadows was icy cold. What I thought would be a lovely day to spend in the potting shed, rooks clattering away in nearby trees, didn’t last very long as it was so cold I had to retreat back inside the house!

Pond edge in winter
The edge of our new and developing wildlife pond

We may have lost a plant or two to the freezing temperatures, but casualties I think are at an absolute minimum. Luckily underneath the sodden topsoil the ground seems relatively well drained so no plants are sitting with their roots in freezing water. It is just the incessant north wind which is causing any damage. One tree has given up its hold on the soil, despite a very firm wooden bridge anchor (which it took with it) so we sadly had to remove it. Now to find something to go in its place!

Currently we are aiming to open the Garden at Easter, however we’re not sure how much earlier than this we can open if it doesn’t start drying out soon.

Now is a good time for summer planning though – we have almost all of our summer bulbs in stock, full list at www.theflowerbulbcompany.co.uk.

Ice covered stone toadstool    Tulip pot in winter



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