Opening SUNDAY 15th APRIL.

Latest inspection of the parking area across from the garden revealed that it is still too wet to be used for vehicles (as confirmed by a delivery van yesterday!). We hope that one more week will make all the difference.

Last year we opened at Easter on April 14th, not because of the weather but for other reasons! This year we believe the garden is up to two weeks behind, which means that on the 15th visitors will get to see some spring flowers that were well over by the time we opened last year. The beautiful white double-flowered cherry in the courtyard has barely even opened a bud yet and we have late-planted crocuses still flowering! Many narcissi have not yet opened although we have chosen them as they are April-flowerers.

Meanwhile we shall continue to plant up our new wildlife orchard area and enjoy all the primroses coming in to bloom there.


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