…we had two inches of snow!

And on the second day almost three inches more!

It’s hard to believe that in less than one month the garden will have greened up and be full of spring flowers and we shall be opening our gates, when now it is blanketed in a silent covering of pure white snow.

We had gales overnight last night, and this morning we discovered the insulating fleece had been ripped from the surrounds of the banana at the top of the garden. However, at its base, which by summer is shrouded in an effusive magenta hardy geranium, we found a label that read Musa sikkimensis ‘Bengal Tiger’.

This particular banana comes from the Himalayas and is cultivated at over 2000m, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it has survived the fierce east wind for now.

The snow was deep enough to disguise steps, hide the wild bird water dish completely and nearly made the pond disappear! The chickens and ducks were rather bemused and the Polands wouldn’t step out of their house for two days.



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