In 2019 we have chosen not to open due to the amount of larger maintenance projects required in the garden. We have lost a few plants and a couple of trees from last winter and this winter, and last year’s very dry summer.

Many wooden structures in the garden are also coming to the end of their lives and have rotted off at the base. It will take some time and investment to do the work required.

We will continue to sell plants, hens and hatching eggs though, through this website, on eBay and via our website Pet Hens.

Meanwhile the winter progresses, not particularly cold, and not very wet! Which is beginning to get concerning as the soil is still dry just a few inches down. We need at least three weeks rain to get the soil as wet and sticky as it should be in January. However the plants don’t seem to mind too much, we have many in flower at the moment including snowdrops, daffodils, crocus, hesperatha, saliva ‘Amistad’, coronilla, Iris reticulata, campanula, pink sidalcea, pulmonaria and more!

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